Best Designed and Best Engineered AWG Marine Battery Cable

Despite appearances, not all AWG Marine Battery Cable is constructed the same. This also applies to how the base materials used in the cable are acquired and engineered into the product. Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) design and engineer their products for the tough demands of the marine environment. Utilizing only the best in base metals and other components which go into their marine battery cable, EWCS insures their customers will receive the best product on the market.

Meeting UL and USCG Specifications is Only Part of the Story
All manufacturers must meet the same guidelines in order to sell their products, but EWCS goes further to insure customer satisfaction. EWCS manufactures their AWG Marine Battery Cable in the following sizes:

● 2 AWG
● 4 AWG
● 6 AWG
● 8 AWG
● 10 AWG
● 12 AWG
● 10 AWG – 2 Conductor Flat Cable
● 10 AWG – 3 Conductor Flat Cable
● 16 AWG – 2 Conductor Flat Cable

Marine Environment Engineering Considerations
Marine conditions require special design and engineering due to the harshness of the environment in which they are utilized. EWCS uses materials that are resistant to corrosion, acid, weather, alkali, abrasives, gasoline, moisture, and oil. Because of the nature of marine installation, EWCS makes their AWG Marine Battery Cable highly flexible and easy to install. It comes in black, red, green white and yellow for the single conductor and in white jacketed for the two and three conductor flat cable.

Everything Needed in One Place
Today’s working environments don’t allow much time to waste or money to waste. EWCS understands this challenge and makes it much easier for electricians, marine electrical contractors, and marine architects to get all the materials they need for their project in one place. Connectors, lugs, flange spade terminals, shrink tubing and more can be ordered along with the needed cabling. It is “One Stop Shopping” on an industrial scale.

Customized Products for a Custom World
It seems like there is no such thing as a “standard” install. Frustration and anxiety are the children of custom installations. But with EWCS on your side, you can adapt to those custom situations with ease and comfort. EWCS can supply those one-off, custom designs which can make an impossible installation possible.

Customer Service Second to None
With seven service centers spread out across North America, EWCS can meet customer demands more easily and more readily than many of its competitors. Added to the value of having closer shipping points is EWCS’ free shipping program. Adding even more value is EWCS’ delivery of orders in two days. Free two day shipping is hard to beat and further evidences EWCS’ commitment to its customers.

Try It and You Will Love It
Our customers give us five stars when it comes to doing business and ordering products for their projects. EWCS takes great pride in being a US manufacturer with its products and materials sourced only in the USA. Some manufacturers offer lower prices because their products are made offshore, not EWCS. We eliminate the distributor and sell factory direct to our customers, saving both time and money. Give EWCS a try; you’ll be glad you did. Call or go online at and learn why our customers have stayed with us for a quarter of a century.

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