Belden Fire Alarm Cable Saves Lives and Property

Many contractors and electricians are familiar with Belden Fire Alarm Cable as it has been utilized in many projects for many years. Belden has set a very high standard for their Fire Alarm Cable products and offers a wide variety of products for use in residential and commercial building projects.

Shielded and Non-Shielded Cable Available For Installation

The Belden company splits their designs between shielded cable and non-shielded cable in the following sizes and configurations:

UnShielded Multi-Conductor Power Limited Cable *

● 12 AWG
● 14 AWG
● 16 AWG
● 18 AWG
● 22AWG

Shielded Multi-Conductor Power Limited Cable *

● 12 AWG
● 14 AWG
● 16 AWG
● !8 AWG
● 22 AWG

*Both of the above product groups are FPLR/CMG FT4 Rated

Belden also offers the above sizes and configurations in NPLF and FPLP as well as in power limited and non-power limited specifications.

Belden company has been manufacturing and supplying cabling products like their Fire Alarm Cable since 1902 and is recognized as a world leader in signal transmission cabling and wiring. Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) are proud to supply Belden Fire Alarm Cable along with their own products to provide their customers with the finest equipment to meet their customer’s needs.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
As a wire and cable product supplier, EWCS knows what it goes into quality design and engineering a high-value product and when it comes to fire alarm cable there’s nothing better on the market. And EWCS knows quality when it sees it. EWCS will call upon manufacturers to meet specific engineering specs on a cable if needed. In those cases, EWCS doesn’t want their customers searching for a separate vendor to place their order and that’s why EWCS offers the Belden Fire Alarm Cable in its product line up.

Same Deal As Always
Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists aren’t going to change the game when its customers order products provided by a separate vendor. EWCS still offers its customers their famous Free Two-Day Shipping on their order, regardless of the products delivered. Customer service doesn’t take a holiday when someone else’s product is in the order. EWCS still offers the same high-quality customer service and attention to detail as always.

Don’t Forget the Accessories
EWCS also provides a full line of connectors, flange spade terminals, lugs, and shrink wrap to complete the order for electrical supplies and wiring. All EWCS products are tested and designed to fit seamlessly into any project or design configuration.

A Resource That Adds Value to Every Order
For a quarter of a century, EWCS has been providing quality materials to projects all across North America. They succeed where others fail by having seven service centers spread across North America to support their customers and provide their customers with the highest-quality equipment. Belden Fire Alarm Cable meets EWCS’ stringent requirements for product design and engineering and like all of EWCS’ products, it is made in the USA.

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