Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Security Alarm Cables Are Simply the Best

Despite the claims of other manufacturers, Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists’ (EWCS) Security Alarm Cables are made to be the best available. There are several reasons why.

Start with Better Materials
EWCS manufactures their Security Alarm Cables in the United States from metals and materials sourced in the USA. Many other companies source base metal and materials from offshore vendors to keep their costs low and their profit higher. EWCS isn’t willing to sacrifice quality to make an extra buck or two. By incorporating better quality components to manufacture and assemble their cables, EWCS is able to provide their customers with the highest-quality products. That’s important if you want to keep your customers your customers.

Combine Better Materials with Better Engineering
Paying attention to the details means fewer problems, both for the customer and for the company. The copper wiring that goes into the conduit wires in the cables has to be flawless. Otherwise, there may be a signal breakdown or fracture in the wire reducing or completely eliminating the wire’s conductivity. Cuts and nicks on the surface of the copper are the result of inferior manufacturing and quality control.

Choices Are Always Best

EWCS manufactures their Security Alarm Cables in the following specifications:

● 14 AWG – 2 conduit FPLR Riser Rated Shielded & Non-Shielded
● 16 AWG – 2 conduit FPLR Riser Rated Shielded & Non-Shielded
● 18 AWG – 2 conduit FPLR Riser Rated Shielded
● 18 AWG – 4 conduit FPLR Riser Rated Non-Shielded

All EWCS Security Alarm Cables come with aRed PVC Jacket or Low Smoke Plenum Rated Jacket, Nominal Diameter of .176″, Sequential Footage Marking, and Rip Cord to Facilitate Easy Stripping.

A Good Deal Gets Even Better
The quality of the products makes for a good deal. When the quality of the company is factored in, the deal gets better. For a quarter of a century, Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists has been providing the best products to its customers. EWCS adds even more value by maintaining and operating shipping from a network of seven service centers across America. And then they add even greater value by having free two-day to three day shipping on all their products. The last and final part of the deal that makes it impossible to pass up is that EWCS sells factory direct to its customers. No distributor or middleman to mark up the products an extra 40% to 50%.

Do the Math
Quality Products + Quality Company + Free Two-Day Shipping + Factory Direct Pricing = Fantastic Deals! There’s actually more to the picture. EWCS can custom manufacture special order products and they sell all the needed accessories to complete an order. And there’s one more thing; large quantity order discounts. Add it all up and you just can’t beat the deal EWCS brings to the table.

Made in the USA
EWCS is proud to manufacture and sell its products in the USA. In a time when the value of offshore products is under close scrutiny, it’s good to know EWCS doesn’t cut corners by using any offshore metals or materials. Made in the USA means a lot to EWCS’ customers because they know they can count on the products they order from EWCS to perform for the long term. That means peace of mind.

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