Hate It When Your Electrical Wire or Cable Isn’t Right?

Most folks don’t know about electrical wire cable or wiring at all for that matter. They need a resource who can walk them through the jungle of cables and wiring without getting them all tangled up. Electric Wire and Cable Specialists is here to help. Since 1994, professionals and DIY’ers have turned to EWCS to solve their standard, specialized, and even custom wiring projects.

Don’t know anything at all about electrical wire and cable? That’s okay. We know it all. EWCS can answer all your questions and solve all your problems so you don’t have to search and search for solutions. No more going to two or three suppliers to get what you want. EWCS has it all. Aluminum, copper, electrical, electronic, instrumentation, welding, power, and even marine wiring solutions are at your fingertips. Just go to www.ewcs.com and you’ll find not only the answers to your questions, but solutions to your problems. With seven service centers across America, EWCS we strive to supply your products in two days or less!

EWCS has the trained sales professionals you’re looking for to solve those nasty, time-consuming integration problems when products need special attention in order to make everything work properly. With a quarter century of experience, we have the knowledge, experience, engineering, and specialization that many projects require for completion. Offshore companies can promise only one thing – cheap prices. We promise products made only in the USA, engineered to last, and designed to meet the most difficult specifications and applications.

Confused about where to begin? We can help get your project started on the right foot with our engineering and application expertise. Unsure about correct specifications for your project? Our customer service experts have supported all kinds of projects from laboratory experiments to huge industrial complexes under construction.

Delivery is the final step for every order and we make sure you get what you need, when and where you need it. Our seven service centers work together to insure your products arrive on time, ready for use or installation. If something isn’t right, we will make it right – immediately. Our thousands of customers will tell you, we don’t stop working until the order is received and accepted. It doesn’t make sense to have the best products without the best product support and we know it.

Got a really tough engineering design for specialized cable or electrical wire that no one else can supply? We can do it. Electric Wire Cable Specialists are exactly what you need. We specialize in the out-of-the-ordinary. Other companies can try and put products together that don’t work, but we won’t do that. Never have, never will. We know each and every customer is counting on us to solve their problems and they know we can do it – quickly, efficiently, and economically. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Take a look at our website and give us a call. You’ll find responsive, professional help that can take on that tough specification without hesitation. The tougher the better in our book. How better to prove your value than to be the resource with all the answers and with all the products to support you? If it was easy, everyone would do it; but they don’t. It takes time, experience, and wisdom to become a guru and we are the gurus of electric wiring and cabling, period.

Check us out at www.ewcswire.com and you’ll find what many others have discovered – satisfaction.

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