The Right Cables Get the Job Done Fast

Choosing and maintaining the right welding cable is crucial to your success. How can you ensure that the one you have chosen is the right one for your job and that it is safe and effective to use? With dozens of brands, materials, and sizes, it can seem like there are an overwhelming amount of choices out there. You need a cable that is cost-effective, reliable, and of course, safe, so you can rest easy that your gear will keep you and your clients happy. But what specific knowledge do you need in order to be certain you are choosing the right cable? There are several important features that anyone who works with welding equipment should know in order to make sure they have the right cables for the job.

The first item to consider is the cable’s material. Welding cables are typically made from copper or aluminum and knowing the difference is an important part of getting your job done right. Copper is a better conductor of electricity than aluminum and requires less maintenance. It can be safer to use than aluminum and there is less risk of causing a fire. Balancing costs with quality as an important practice for your business but keep in mind the differences between the two wires is very distinct.

Be sure that you are selecting the correct gauge for your welding cable as well. Just like how a garden hose of a larger diameter can pass more water, a larger cable can pass more electricity. Be sure that the cable you choose is the correct one for the job you need to do. Length, too, is an important factor. A shorter cable run is rated for more ampacity than a longer cable run. We have a handy chart to help you size your welding cable appropriately.

There are two things one needs to know in order to choose the right cable for welding. The first of these is how long the welding circuit is. This simply means that you need to know the whole path your cable is following. Next, you will need to know the maximum amperage you will use. This is often found on your welding machine and easily accessible.

At EWCSWire, we know how important it is to have the right tools and cables for the job you are about to undertake. Our years of experience place us at the forefront of the industry enabling us to assist you in any job, big or small, that comes your way. Whether you need help choosing the correct cable size, you are not sure if you should choose aluminum or copper, or you simply do not yet know what tools you will need, be sure to ask our experts and we will get you back to work in a fast, safe, and reliable way so that you get the job done right.

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