EWCSWire Has the Marine Battery Cables and Terminals Suitable for the Toughest Jobs

EWCSWire is the electric wire and cable specialist for all your wiring and cable needs. Since 1994, we have provided low prices and high quality cables of different sizes. Any type of situation you may find yourself in, we are sure to have a solution for it. From aluminum cables to electronic, copper, welding, and marine battery cables and terminals, you can turn to us. We also take special orders for cables sizes and cut them down to smaller lengths for your convenience. We care about our customers and reply to all the questions you may have. We also ship all cable orders within 3 business days, excluding holidays and weekends. Our specialty is immediate shipment, so you can always count on EWCSWire to quickly prepare and ship your order, no matter how big or small, so that you can get the job done.

Our marine battery cables and terminals are made of high quality materials right here in the United States and are all ABYC and UL approved. These cables are also made from heavy tinned copper conductors and can be customized to fit any length you may need them in. Our four different selections are a good match for any of your cable needs, from 16-10 UL, 8-4/0 UL, flat marine power cables, and marine grade adhesive lined shrink cables; we make sure you are getting the best quality product you need. Our 16-10 Gauge UL approved marine primary wire comes in four different gauges to match your needs: 16, 14, 12, and 10 AWG and are all UL approved, marine primary, and tinned.

Our 8-4/0 gauge UL approved marine battery cable also comes in many sizes: 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0, 2/0, 4/0 for all your battery cable needs. Our flat marine power cables come in five different sizes for your convenience, with three marine cables featuring a 2 conductor UL and USCG approved cable, and two cables featuring a 3 conductor UL. Our UL approved marine approved adhesives will be able to seal up the connection between the wire and terminal. The double wall adhesive made from polyolefin shrinks with heat to provide a strain-free connection. Order in packages of 6 pieces that come in 6 inches for only $7.95.

We also have a very large stock of aluminum cables that can be ordered in a triplex or quadraplex design. These come in different gauge sizes and voltages to fit your needs. Our aluminum cables with voltages are designed for use in heavy-duty situations. One of our 600-volt cables, 4/0 AWG AL Aerial Triplex XLP (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) cable, comes in four different sizes and can handle both dry and wet applications as well as a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. The Aerial Triplex XLP cables are truly designed to withstand extreme loads with steel support.

EWCSWire is here to make sure you are satisfied, and that is why we offer a 100% guarantee on customer satisfaction. Order your cables today and we will ship in 3 days from our stock.

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