Dependable American Wire

Are you looking for reliable wire or cable? Then you need EWCSWire, your electric wire and cable specialists. EWCSWire is the first place you should visit for your wire and cable needs. Established in 1994, EWCSWire has acquired nearly twenty-five years of customer satisfaction. The wires you’ll receive from them are American-made and designed to be durable and suited for individual needs. They have a wide range of sizes, allowing their clients to choose from a variety. Whatever you’re looking for, EWCSWire is at your service. If you have questions regarding any product from EWCSWire, they will help you to the best of their ability. After all, the folks at EWCSWire are specialists. They are skilled experts in the field of wiring and cable. When you work with EWCSWire, you have the luxury of knowing your products are in the hands of people who know the ins and outs of electric wire.

If you’re looking for 6 AWG wire, for example, EWCSWire can offer that gauge in aluminum or copper wire. You can find 6 AWG XHHW stranded aluminum wire that can be used in conduit or recognized raceways. These can be used in wet or dry locations, as long as temperatures do not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. This wire is available in three lengths. You can also find this gauge in XLP use stranded aluminum wire. Also usable in wet or dry locations, this wire is made to be used in secondary distribution circuits, installed in duct or burial applications. While there are three common sizes available, EWCSWire can cut this wire to a specific size as per your needs. If you’re looking for copper wire, you’ll find what you’re looking for at EWCSWire. You can find 6 AWG solid soft drawn bare copper wire in four lengths. Useful in a residential, commercial, or industrial application, this American-made wire is highly conductive and is always available at EWCSWire. This wire is available in a stranded option or a solid option.

I’m simply using 6 AWG wire as an example of a popularly searched product to demonstrate the kind of variety you’ll find when you use EWCSWire for your wire and cable needs. However, this certainly isn’t the extent of this variety. There’s a huge array of wires and cables you’ll find here. Best of all, no matter what you get from EWCSWire you’ll be receiving a product that is dependable. Whether you’re looking for copper wire or aluminum wire, you’ll be happy to know that your order will be handled with care. EWCSWire also offers wires and cables designed to serve specific purposes. If you’re looking for fire alarm or security cables, you’ll find them here. EWCSWire sells electronic and instrumentation cables that meet NFPA regulations. They have plenum rated cables as well as riser rated cables to ensure that all safety standards are being met. EWCSWire also stocks marine cables for your marine electrical needs. All of these cables are UL approved. You’ll also find an impressive selection of welding cables designed to handle high currents. All of these products are made in the USA with care and skill. To find the wire you need, visit EWCSWire online and browse their impressive stock for yourself.

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